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Debt collection solution can be integrated smartly and smoothly

Collection of outstanding claims must be taken more seriously. After all, you should have the money your customers owe you. But even more important is that the processes are done properly. The integration platform that has now been developed simplifies all processes and delivers a fully automated leverage and debt collection service from Ponecto regardless of the financial system the company uses.

It goes without saying that everything goes digital today. It should just be missing, we think. Purring is rarely the highest priority, and it often takes a lot of time, but this is now resolved. Now everything can go fully automated, with purring and debt collection, without having to spend time on it. In addition, everything is controlled directly from your financial system, which provides better overview and control. At the same time, you save a lot of time and money, not least as better integrations make money coming into your account faster.


Modern system platform

The integration platform is designed in such a way that you, as the responsible accounting officer, select the Ponecto Debt Collection module when you are logged into your own financial system. Your open mailing list will then be displayed in a simple interface and you select the invoices to be transferred to the collection company Ponecto. Via its own API, Ponecto collects daily invoices electronically which are automatically read into the collection system and a receipt is sent back to the financial system where Ponecto’s case number is added to the invoice in the balance sheet. All fully automatic.

The collection company will then send out necessary payments and payment requests to receive payments on the cases. The integration solution then ensures that both systems are updated at all times after payments have been made. This applies whether there are direct payments, credits or payments to Ponecto’s client account. Settlement and remittance are done automatically. Posting of the records is done by the system in the residual account based on a posting proposal which is automatically sent with the referral as a referral document. Items are automatically settled and matched and the balance of accounts is updated while the balance of the cases is zeroed both in the financial system and the debt collection system.

The important thing here is that the whole process is automated in such a way that you as an accountant can concentrate on things other than to leverage and follow up unpaid invoices manually. That time is over. The solution streamlines your everyday life.

A smooth debt collection solution does not require any paper mill, only smart processes and fully digital routines. Modern processes make it possible to truly integrate the debt collection system with the financial system your company already uses.


The strategic value of smart and flexible debt collection solutions

The strategic value of smart and flexible debt collection solutions

When the solutions now available are fully digital, automated and not least flexible, this has a strategic side that matters a lot, both for the relationship with your customers and for their reputation. It’s about how the debtor feels they are being taken care of. There can be many reasons why bills are not paid and people are entitled to be treated properly even if they owe money.

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